Text My Main Number Announced Landline Texting Service for Hair Salons

Text My Main Number is a well known business messaging service provider. The company has been offering landline texting services to its customers in the USA and Canada at the moment. The company is open to offer the stated business texting solution to customers from all over the world. Recently spokesperson of Text My Main Number has made an announcement about their service offering to a specific industry: Hair Salons. According to the shared details, the stated company will be offering landline texting service to salons in the USA and Canada.

The company has introduced different features which are defined, designed and developed, specifically, for salon owners. This is a complete SMS to Landline solution for Salons and can be used by any scaled salon owner. It means from a small scaled salon to a salon with multiple branches can take benefit of this solution. According to the spokesperson of the company, they have designed their packages which can suit different salons based on their messaging requirement. The salon owners can use this landline texting solution to take full benefit of their landline. Now, they don’t need to keep their customers waiting in the salon while answering calls; they can enjoy benefits of texting by implementing landline texting in their communication system.

The spokesperson of the Text My Main Number shared that this SMS solution for salons can be used for a variety of cases. Some of the utilities of landline texting for salon are listed below:
• To send bulk SMS/MMS to all customers
• To send client nurturing messages such as hair care tips
• To send reminders with schedule SMS about upcoming appointments
• To send an MMS about a new hairstyle in trend
• To send group wise SMS and MMS to a specific group of clients
• To make appointment scheduling automated
• To respond frequently asked questions automatically
• To handle inquiries on weekends and day-offs

There are many more use cases of the landline texting service offered by the Text My Main Number. According to the spokesperson of the company any salon owner can use this service to their benefit due to following reasons:
• There is no capital investment required.
• Pay as you go system with monthly fixed cost subscription packages
• No change in the landline (hardware or service provider) required
• No downloads (software, application or add-ons) required

This solution is a web based landline texting solution which can be used remotely which makes it perfect to use for any salon.
“We thrive to offer the best services and empowering communication. The salon owners can empower their communication system by using this landline texting service. We offer the most cost effective service across the United States along with the best customer support for free. This makes us unique and loved.”, Ash Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number.

The company has also announced to provide risk free trial to interested salon owners. To get more information about features, utilities and other details, please visit http://textmymainnumber.com/hair-salon-landline-texting/